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Crystal Phelps

Marketing & Communications Manager

About Crystal Phelps

Crystal is a prominent advocate for arts and culture in Toledo, OH. Driven by the spirit of collaboration, she works with community partners to enhance constituent engagement to support the mission and values of The Arts Commission. From festival production to communications strategies, her strengths in logistical organization run the gamut from macro to micro projects. Crystal’s marketing and communications approach features a broad skill set including social media content creation and implementation, yearly data-driven strategic planning, and a nimble approach that embraces flexibility along with time sensitivity. She develops program campaigns, creates content, and delivers messaging with a top of mind approach to engage a variety of audience segments.

Crystal is an artist and curator whose work focuses on the nexus of humor and body politics. She is a 2017 Master of Fine Arts recipient from Maine College of Art and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from Arizona State University in 2008.