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Finding Our Space

Young Artists at Work 2021

Led by Tim Leistner and Olivia Anderson, the youth apprentices painted a mural at the Imagination Station. In collaboration with the Momentum Festival, guest artist Leah Tumerman led the group in collaboratively designing, pitching, and painting the mural in three weeks. The theme is inspired by deep-sea and deep space. It combines science and fiction in a whimsical way.


Timothy Leistner - Instructor

Olivia Anderson - Assistant Instructor

Shoshanna Lavetter Kedian - Senior Apprentice

Apprentices: Nala Bell-Langster, Cashmere Black, Kai Bond, Jada Callahan, Diamond Flunder, Chrija Giles, Jade Harris, Harmony Hudson, Rueben Juarez, Miranda Moore, Savona Olvera, Ren Steedley, Shaylee’ Wyatt