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Four Corners Window Project

Young Artists at Work 2021

In partnership with the City of Toledo, the Lucas County Land Bank, and ConnecToledo, one team was tasked with designing over 80 windows for Spitzer, Nasby, and Nicholas buildings on the corners of Madison and Huron. These four corners are the only place in Toledo where the original architecture still stands. Three of the 4 buildings are vacant. Led by Bekah Alviani and YAAW alum, Artist Traynum, the apprentices learned a new software program, Adobe Illustrator.

The apprentices of the “Pane-ters” team proposed creating artwork that highlights historical Toledo landmarks and native northern Ohio flora. The team created a vibrant color palette and designed 87 windows in just 8 days. They also designed these colorful works of art in digital design software that many of them had never used before. The team researched each of these landmarks and flora in order to write a brief summary of each one to educate themselves and their audience.


Bekah Alviani - Instructor

Artist Traynum - Assistant Instructor

Jessika Letson - Senior Apprentice

Apprentices: Aaliyah Johnson, Abby Bleyer, Anthony Glover, Ariana Fahl, Detrieon Martin, Emily Zahn, Eric Slotterbeck, Makenzie Duncan, Nancy Hohl, R’Mon Taylor, Rylan Summers, Tamaro Jones, Taylor Williams, Tre’Von Howard