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Sun Kissed

Young Artists at Work 2021

2021 YAAW apprentices replaced an outdated and irreparable YAAW mural at the Ottawa Park Amphitheatre with a new work of art. In partnership with the City of Toledo Department of Parks and Recreation.  

The mural “Sun Kissed” is inspired by the cycles of life. This mural portrays a heart-shaped tree in the center, enveloping the sun in its branches. Extending out from the sun and tree are drop-shaped rays of light, representing life and change. At both ends of the mural are different stages of the moon cycle, contrasting the sun in the center. The sky in the background darkens at the edges of the piece, showing the transition from night to day and back to night again. Painted in bright, bold colors to compliment as well as stand out from the nature surrounding it, this mural was created within the span of 3 weeks of the YAAW program and only took 18 hours total to paint.


Emily Mata - Instructor

Donna Beauregard - Assistant Instructor

Bobby Crape - Senior Apprentice

Apprentices: Lukas Bauman, Blake Bialorucki, Elijah Card, Jamela Fox- Morris, Zoe Gilbert, Iman Hancock, Oliver Jesse, Angelina Juarez, Summer Land, Isabel Smith, Josi Vollmar, Monica Walker, Savannah Wegener, Mayim Wesolowski