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Field of Histories

Community Engagement Event

Field of Histories - Metroparks Toledo Art Project

Thank you to everyone who joined Metroparks Toledo and The Arts Commission by bringing objects that will inform the incoming art piece, Field of Histories, to be installed by late 2023. The piece is being created by artist Bryony Roberts who was selected from five finalists following a call to artists from all over the country in the winter of 2021. 

Project Description

Field of Histories will consist of 175 glass orbs on posts, in which significant objects provided from the community will be scanned and laser engraved inside. The project will also link to an online catalog of audio and/or written recordings of personal histories gathered at the workshops. 

We’re inviting community members to bring up to two objects that have personal significance and that represent part of the history of Toledo. What object expresses a unique story about the history of the Glass City? What object captures some of the cultural experiences of your neighborhood or your community? This could be an object from the industrial history of glass manufacturing or a decorative object particular to your cultural community or a homemade object that expresses personal craft. We’re particularly interested in stories about Toledo that haven’t been told yet, and that help this project reflect the full breadth of experiences in the Glass City. 

Field of Histories will offer a destination for exploring the past, present, and future of glass in Toledo through an immersive public art piece that is integrated into the landscape. Beginning with an in-depth community engagement process, the project will reflect the many stories of glass in Toledo, as told by individuals who have lived and worked in the city. In a series of community workshops, individuals from Toledo will bring objects that they feel are significant to local history and to cultural identity, which will offer a launching point for discussion about the history of glassmaking in the city.  

Celebrate the rich history of Toledo through art in nature.