Accelerator Grant Program

The Arts Commission values the many artists across disciplines who are part of Toledo's vibrant creative community. The Accelerator Grant is a competitive program offering financial support with quick turn-around for local artists to advance their creative projects and their careers. Eligible categories of support for this program include: equipment, supplies, professional development and project support. Grant amounts are not to exceed $1500. The 2021 deadlines are May 24, June 28, July 26, August 30, and September 27.

An information session covering eligibility, competitive applications, and time for questions and answers will take place via Instagram Live (@TheArtsCommission) on Monday, July 12 at 6 PM.

Recipients of the 2021 Accelerator Grant

May Accelerator 2021

MAY 2021

Shannon Eis, for creating a large-scale mixed media sculpture, Joni Johnson, for technology to help edit a new video series, Sara Kear, for printing and producing a mindfulness deck, and Keegan O'Brien, for glass blowing tools.

Recipients of the 2020 Accelerator Grant

Sept Accelerator


Lee Fearnside, for printmaking materials, Dominick Gray, for licensing costs, Harley King, for workshop tuition, Larry Mack, to purchase a plasma cutter, Janine Ody-Miller, to purchase a CNC router, and Paul Verdell, for painting supplies.

Artist Services June2020 Accelerator

JUNE 2020

Alyssa Brutlag, to choreograph a new dance piece, Morag Hastie, to participate in a fiction workshop, Jonie McIntire, to start a small press publishing project, Shawn Messenger, to purchase a kiln, Felissa Parker-Green, to build an outdoor stage at The Trunk for local artists to share work, Eric Thomas, to purchase welding equipment

Recipients of the 2019 Accelerator Grant


MAY 2019

Matthew Cook, to purchase a table saw, miter saw, router, and router table to create custom design elements related to his paintings, Mercé Culp, to purchase digital printed canvases and sewing costs to fabricate prototypes for an art-based fashion line, Erin Garber-Pearson, to purchase a handheld gimbal to explore performative elements of video projects, William Gruber, to purchase a front/rear projection screen and stand to be used as part of a light show, Natalie Lanese, for fees associated with an artist residency in Iceland, Rebecca Szparagowski, to purchase a 3D handheld scanner for a sculpture series replicating the human body through glass fusing, Paul Verdell, to purchase canvas, paint, and brushes for large scale paintings.


JUNE 2019

James Dickerson, to print, mat, and frame photographs for an upcoming exhibition, Alex Goetz, to purchase VR equipment as part of an oceanic conservation educationvideo project, Lindsay Scypta, to purchase a slab roller to increase and improve ceramic production, Steve Steel (Katie’s Randy Cat), for professional mixing and mastering of a new collectionof songs, Ian Welch (Pegboard Press), to purchase equipment for a lithography press, and Marilyn Yakumithis, to purchase a ventilation system as part of a jewelry studio.


JULY 2019

Jennifer Bak, for the purchase of photography equipment, El Corazon de Mexico Ballet Folklorico, for professional workshop fees for the companyto study under Maestro Jose Tena of New Mexico, a renowned Folkloric Dance Instructor, Emilio Gonzalez, for an iPad and Apple pencil for use in musical compositions, Loraine Lynn, to purchase yarn to complete projects begun at a recent residency at the Vermont Studio Center.



Bliss Nova (Daniel and Joel Trzcinski), to produce a vinyl record, Mariah Hicks, for the purchase of a camera kit and lenses, Nate Hicks, for the purchase of a keyboard, Jodie Summers, to produce and exhibition and performance event, Marilyn Yakumithis, for the purchase of a rolling mill.

September Accelerator


Josh Byers, to purchase a welder, Jacob Jones, to purchase glass color and tools, Bradley Scherzer, to fabricate steel frames for a performative sculpture, José Treviño, to purchase chainsaws and blades for sculpture production.

Recipients of the 2018 Accelerator Grant

Artist Services_Accelerator Grant Recipients_May2018

MAY 2018

Children's Theatre Workshop - to send four of its teaching artist staff to the American Alliance for Theatre and Education conference for professional development in teaching techniques, Malissa Kuznicki (Obsessories Studios)- to bring awareness to depression and anxiety through her You Are Not Alone project, Aaron Pickens- to purchase an easel, Bliss Nova (Daniel and Joel Trzcinski)- to finish a music video.

Artist Services_Accelerator Grant Recipients_June2018

JUNE 2018

Natalie Lanese- to purchase a projector for installation work, Timothy Stover- to purchase of a flat lapidary grinder for glass artwork, Stephen Williams- for materials and printing costs to create prototypes of a series of artwork using light boxes.


JULY 2018

Glynis Fuentes- to attend a photography workshop, Zac Weinberg- to purchase lamp-making supplies, Michelle Paine- for paper, mats, and frames for series of figure drawings, Joanna Manousis- to purchase material for a wall installation, and Kerry Kirkpatrick- to purchase a printer.

Artist Services_Accelerator Grant Recipients_August2018


William Foraker- for letterpress equipment and materials, Loraine Lynn- for supplies to create an installation of tufted rugs, Lou Krueger- to purchase glass frit, printed decals, and rubber for mold making for an exhibition, Beth Genson- to purchase supplies to teach workshops for entry level students and experienced artists.

Artist Services_Accelerator Grant Recipients_September2018


Reina Mystique- to release an EP and produce merchandise for her audience, Brad Scherzer- for materials needed to explore large scale mural techniques in a safe way, Travis Sanderson- to purchase materials necessary to transform his ceramic studio space into a production studio, Michael Belazis (a member of Oliver Hazard)- to purchase a new acoustic guitar, Jennifer Muse- for tools to expand her expertise from glass jewelry to sculpture making.

Recipients of the 2017 Accelerator Grant

Artist Services_Accelerator Grant Recipients_May2017

MAY 2017

Alan Iwamura to create a series of works exploring identity inspired by feudal Japanese prints, Jonie McIntire (Uncloistered Poetry) to fund visiting literary artists and offer payment to area artists, Ian Welch (Pegboard Press) to give Toledo area artists the opportunity to develop an image, gain training and knowledge of various printmaking mediums, and print an edition, Violent Bloom (Kate Kokonecki, Kelly Thompson and Jon Zenz) to assist in the pressing of their debut self-titled album to vinyl, James (Jay) C. Dickerson to create, print, and frame a collection of short stories and images using 35mm film.

Artist Services_Accelerator Grant Recipients_June2017

JUNE 2017

Corry Fitchpatric to produce inspiring comic tales for a new generation, Amber LeFever to write and illustrate a children's book for early readers, Joanna Manousis to cover the shipping costs incurred to transport her work to the 2017 British Glass Biennale, Rachel McCartney to fund her project “Long Live the Roulet Dies”, an ongoing rescue, restoration, research and reimagining project involving a 60-ton stamping press, Jaci Riley to further explore processes in jewelry-making with hand-formed metal and metal etching, Adam L. Sanzenbacher to create a new body of work for a solo exhibition at River House Arts, Lindsay Scypta to fund her growing career in ceramics by fabrication of laser cut tools, stamps, and molds.

Artist Services_Accelerator Grant Recipients_July2017

JULY 2017

David Cuatlacuatl to further his exploration of various media and materials, to create work that constructs narratives that exist between a line of fact and fiction, Loraine Lynn to fund her interest of working with methods and materials that are fluid, such as glass, fiber, video, and installation, Adrianne Lee to purchase a Wacom Intuos Pro digital drawing tablet to facilitate and quicken her creative process, Boonie Patch Co. to cover building costs for a new bigger office space on Jackson Street, Lisa Soltis to fund her works in 2-D disciplines: illustration, silk-screening, painting, and pattern making.

Artist Services_Accelerator Grant Recipients_August2017


Timothy Stover to purchase colored glass billets to incorporate into his work, Brien Strancar to outfit his cutting lathe with wheels for carving and polishing glass, Lauren Eastman Fowler to purchase a kiln, Bianca Garza to purchase a light kit to assist in color proofing photographic prints for future exhibitions

Artist Services_Accelerator Grant Recipients_September2017


Malcolm Cunningham for the productions costs of several projects: a photo essay along TARTA Route 22, Polaroids of Bancroft St. residents, and a podcast featuring interviews, soundscapes and oral histories from current and historic residents of Bancroft St., Ken Dushane to create a clothing brand that encompasses his style and aesthetic, Noel Welch to purchase industrial float glass as well as various glass color bar to pull into murrini.

Artist Services_Accelerator Grant Recipients_October2017


Anne Dearth to host a concert featuring works by young composers and highlighting new classics by groundbreaking composers Francesco Filidei and John Cage, Albert Leland to purchase protective eyewear and larger graphite molds for use in making large borosilicate marbles, Sandra Rivers-Gill to cover the costs associated with producing Dopeless Hope Fiends a chapbook of poems, written by eight women recovering from alcohol and substance abuse, Imani Lateef to fund a website specializing in digital comic books by Black comic book creators and publishers.

Artist Services_Accelerator Grant Recipients_November2017


Gail Christofferson to purchase substrates and adhesives for mosaic materials research, Ben Cohen to the purchase a 16 Channel I/O digital/analog interface, Emily Rippe Desmond for contributor stipends and assistants for self-published zine, Yusuf Lateef for artwork framing, and Mike Stevens,for lighting parts, glass color and blow slot fees.

Artist Services_Accelerator Grant Recipients_December2017


Julie Draeger to purchase easels, making classes possible in her downtown Toledo studio, Elsa Furia to fund canvas reproductions and framing of original acrylic paintings made for show and sale, James Serda to improve and renovate his dance studio to accommodate more participants and allow dancers to grow in their technique and precision.