Artomatic419 Now And Then

Former Artomatic 419 spaces have become vibrant local creative businesses!

Where We Are
A lot has changed in Toledo since Artomatic 419 was first conceived back in 2005. Through conversations with artists, The Arts Commission designed the original program as an opportunity to network, collaborate and share local talent with a large audience, all while re-imagining long vacant downtown spaces. Today, our city is experiencing an unprecedented acceleration of development, making large underutilized spaces fewer and farther between, and the needs of artists are changing.

Community events such as the The Arts Commission’s Art Loop and many others by our friends and partner institutions, organizations, and local businesses allow artists to meet, connect, and collaborate on a regular basis, fulfilling many of the original goals of the Artomatic 419 program. Most of all, it’s no longer a secret that Toledo is home to a vibrant and thriving community of artists and creatives of all types in near every corner of the city.

Moving Forward
As we move into 2017, The Arts Commission is thinking hard about the ways Artomatic 419 can evolve to stay fit and relevant in coming years. With six great Artomatic events behind us, the Artomatic 419 Committee and the Board and Staff of The Arts Commission have decided to postpone the next event in favor of learning how the program can continue to grow to impact artists, creatives, and the broader Toledo community.

Collaborating with our local artist community has led us to where we are today. In this spirit, we look forward to hearing your input and building our future programs and services together. This spring, The Arts Commission will host focus meetings for area artists to share feedback about Artomatic 419 and participate in conversations about what the future might hold for our creative community, plus an event to roll out some really exciting new services and opportunities.

Get Involved
We hope you’ll join us as we begin to shape a new era of arts programming in Toledo. Please stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, please share some information with us at the links below.