Close Park Rendering

Through an effort to further distribute Toledo’s public works of art more evenly by district, Close Park in District 5 was identified as a site for a new public art project for 2019. Nestled in a densely populated West Toledo neighborhood and across the street from Blessed Sacrament School, this site has been identified as a perfect location for a new public art project.

Randy Walker’s proposal entitled Close, Closer, Closest has been selected. The installation includes approximately 400 colorfully painted steel poles representing each house in the immediate neighborhood. The poles will stand in a small garden shaped to mimic Close Park’s shape. The poles will vary in height and color determined by members of the community. Like the park, the Close, Closer Closest will be an interactive life-filled space that changes as it is experienced from different vantage points and as one moves through and around it from season to season.

Close, Closer, Closest is an artistic visualization of the neighborhood. In keeping with this concept, community members have an opportunity to directly impact the final form of the artwork. By filling out the "Community Survey" from the button below, community members are invited to input the height of a selected member of their household and select one color for the household.