VCGS Feinkopf


Imani Lateef

American Beauty 2, American Beauty 3

American Beauty will be a static abstract interpretation of three African American Patchwork Quilts. This will be represented by “patches” filling the height of the tower rhythmically.


Brien Strancar


This sequence is inspired by the sedimentary process of layers of dirt, rock, organic material, waste, and other items that form layers as they filter down. Once the layers have formed, they are disrupted by an earthquake and a sinkhole is formed. The layers of sediment fall away until the sinkhole has swallowed all the material.

Stained Glass

This sequence is inspired by the stained glass windows of the Rosary Cathedral. Stained glass windows have been a way of communicating and manipulating light for centuries. Here the 14 main windows illuminating the nave of the Cathedral have been interpreted as a pixelated design. Here, the digital light of the bridge tower will illuminate the sky with shifting color and light, just like the windows illuminate the interior of the Cathedral as the sun shifts its light through the glass.


Natalie Lanese

Lime and Teal, Pixelated Painting

The artist's designs are based in ideas she uses in painting, dealing with color transitions and contrasts, geometric patterns, and the perception of color and light.


Anthony McCarty

Traffic, Color Growth

The artist's designs play off pixelated representations of traffic in straight lines. Colors indicate moving blocks and interact as cars would with each other in normal traffic flow.

Friday - Sunday

Gail Christofferson

Stained Glass

These pieces of glass represent the glass that I work with on a daily basis. I have chosen a series of blue and orange variegated glass. The blue represents the Maumee River and Lake Erie and the orange represents our sunsets.


This Matisse selection, Apollo, is from The Toledo Art Museum. Matisse symbolizes fortitude and drive to never give up on your dreams and goals to the artist.

Each artist's piece will rotate on a bi-weekly basis resetting at the beginning of each month.

Holiday Schedule

April 20th - 24th National Work Zone Awareness Week Orange Barrel

May 11th - 16th Law Enforcement Light Ohio Blue

Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Patriot Day (9/11), Veterans Day Waving Flag

Martin Luther King Jr Day, President's Day, Flag Day Static Flag

November 23rd - November 28th OSU vs. UM

December 31st - New Year's Eve