Brood X Film Showcase

Presented by Mr. Deimling

Thanks to Matthew Deimling Johns (Mr. Deimling) for partnering with The Arts Commission to host this local film exhibition! This event is free to attend and guests may join the screening at any time through the evening. Thanks to the Valentine Theatre for hosting!

Brood X Film Showcase Schedule

5:30pm | Doors

6:00pm | Shorts Block 1

                        Shot to Pieces by Ellen Dziubek

                        The Dress by Leigh Yenrick

                        Exit Interview by Michael Desanto

                        Other Dan’s Ex-Girlfriend by Bianca Caniglia

                        Snap by Phaylen Fairchild

6:45 pm | Intermission

7:00pm | Shorts Block 2

                        Average Joe by Joel Helmick

                        Shattered by Brett Lempner

                        Old West End by Virginia Shine

                        Cornfields by Riley James

                        When Life Gives You Rice by Spencer Legros and Alex Hinsch

7:45pm | Intermission

8:00pm | Special Guest Screening: Lunchbox by Anne Hu

8:30pm | Local Filmmaker Panel, Moderated by Matthew Deimling Johns


                        Matt Foss

                        Alex Goetz

                        Jackie Lay

9:15pm | Jury Prize + Audience Award