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Toledo Lucas County Rescue Plan Grants to Organizations

Recovery Funds for Arts Organizations

Grant Program Overview

The Arts Commission is administering a grant program through the Toledo and Lucas County Rescue Plan Grants to Organizations to eligible nonprofit arts and cultural organizations located within the City of Toledo and Lucas County. The grants are funded from ARPA funds from Lucas County and the City of Toledo.

Applications for this program are currently closed.

Grant Request Amounts

Organizations may use their largest projected budget during the years 2019-2023 to determine the appropriate initial request amount for their organization. Details about budget size for each year is requested in the budget template that is provided in the application.  Cost share/matching funds are not required. We encourage applicants to select a grant amount that is reflective of their overall organization size and internal capacity. Capital projects will not be considered. Organization sizes include:

Small Organizations | Annual operating budget of $300,000 or less. 

Medium Arts and Cultural Organizations | Annual operating budget between $300,001 - $2,000,000. 

Large Arts and Cultural Organizations | Annual operating budget of $2,000,000 or more. 

Please review the Grant Program Guidelines document for details about grant request amounts, appropriate use of funds, and timeline.


Q: Is the funding request split over multiple years?

A: The amount you request in each of your applications is for one year. Depending on funding and satisfactory reporting, awards in subsequent years may equal the same as the initial request, but could be less.

Q: For what time period do I complete the provided budget template?

A: In the detailed budget, please reflect your current FY budget and projections through this fiscal year-end and also your projected upcoming budget. Eligible expenses will be those incurred since the beginning of your current fiscal year or April 1, 2022, whichever date is later.

Q: If we are at the end of our year, is it appropriate to ask for a lesser amount for 2022, and then a larger amount for 2023? 

A: Your initial year ask will be the amount considered for renewal award but may be less depending on the number of applicants.

A: Is staff support an allowable cost?

Q: You may make your request for any positions for which you can make the case that they are critical to your organizational function, including fringe benefits.

Contact Information

For all inquiries about this grant opportunity, please contact Lindsay Akens, Subgranting and Creative Placemaking Manager, at

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