The Marvels of a Marble Run

by T. Keith Marok

The Marvels of a Marble Run: A Community Activity Unleashing the Momentum of Physical, Visual, and Audio Stimulus

2023 Momentum Marble Run

This unique initiative aims to unleash the potential of physical, visual, and audio stimulus, captivating both young and old, and fostering a sense of creativity and collaboration within our community. The Marble Run offers participants a thrilling journey through the world of marbles, where gravity, momentum, and ingenuity converge.

This engaging activity sparks the imagination and creativity of participants, allowing them to modify design and control marble tracks, that challenge both their engineering skills and problem-solving abilities.

More than just a recreational activity, The Marble Run encourages collaboration and teamwork within the community.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, where the possibilities are as infinite as the paths our marbles will follow.

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